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Mary Jane Odhner

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach


Mary Jane Odhner


As a trained Martha Beck Life Coach, I will work with you to uncover and discover the signals that your body is sending you. Together we will work to change old patterns, habits and thoughts that no longer serve you and keep you stuck, tired and discouraged.

I help women who carry extra weight on their bodies, in their hearts and in their heads.

Women who put themselves last, struggle with low self esteem and body hate. I'm here to help you shed the weight and the shame.

Start feeling childlike joy for life again and learn to listen to yourself.

Because a women who is truly satiated and fulfilled overflows with life and love and everyone wins.

I am trained to help you recognize the signals that your body is sending you and to catch the thoughts that are keeping you from living your best life.

My Background

  • Certified Martha Beck Life Coach since 2017

  • Certified BARE Counselor since 2019

  • Married 35 years, mother of six, grandmother of one

  • Home birth assistant midwife for 10 years

  • Fluent in sign language

  • A lifetime of curiosity and love for people and connections

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